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    Do I Break It Off BeforeThe Holidays?

    Dear Lennie,

    I feel like a broken woman. I used to be so strong and held court in my relationships. But, things aren't going well in my current relationship. We fight all the time and I am miserable. The holidays are coming up and it just doesn't feel like the right time to break up. I hate being alone on the holidays and I'm too exhausted to deal with all the drama. What should I do?

    Dear Broken, There is no good time to break up. After Thanksgiving comes Christmas, then New Year's Eve, then Valentine's Day... it never ends. There will always be a reason to stay in the relationship. However, those are artificial reasons. I hate to hear that you feel like a broken woman. That alone should tell you that you need to change things sooner than later. While is sucks to be single over the holidays, it is better than being in a destructive, exhausting relationship. Why not break up, spend some time alone, with friends or with your family. The one thing about the holidays is there is plenty going on and plenty of people to drag you out of a funk and offer their support.