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5 Physical Deal Breakers For Men

A few weeks ago I addressed the 5 Physical Deal Breakers For Women: Bad Breath, Greasy Skin, Ugly Hands, Nasty Feet and Excess Body Hair. All easily rectified with a little regular grooming maintenance.

Men also have their deal breakers when looking for a woman. I know, it seems most men are looking for the perfect woman with the perfect face, the perfect abs, and the perfect perky breasts. But, according to a recent survey I conducted, these are the top five physical deal breakers men have when looking for a girlfriend:

UNDER WEIGHT: That’s right, ladies, men don't think thin is beautiful; women do. Men find anorexic-looking women, or as I call them tits on a stick, unattractive. Skinny is not sexy. Toned is sexy. Moreover, men don’t want to hear a woman complain about her weight or hear her say she's fat. So, grab a club sandwich with extra mayo and get that body fat up to a healthy 24% and lift a few weights while your at it.

TOO MANY PIERCINGS AND TATTOOS: Piercings anywhere other than on the lower lobe of your ears will severely limit your dating options, as will excessive ink. Men would prefer to date the girl next door over The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Fortunately, there’s a solution for those of you who woke up in Vegas one morning with an angel wing tramp stamp and a wicked hangover. Laser tattoo removal has made great strides in the past few years. If you ever used ear expanders and look like a Brazilian tribeswoman, cosmetic surgery can remove the excess lobe.

INAPPROPRIATELY DRESSED FOR HER AGE: If you’re 50 and you’re dressing like your teenage daughter, you may think you look hot, but you’re the only one. Men like women of a certain age (35+ is the rule of thumb) to look classy and sophisticated. Save the slutty look for Halloween or the bedroom. Check back on Saturday's blog when I give you suggestions for slutty Halloween costumes.

TOO MUCH MAKEUP: Men want to see the real you. Excessive makeup can make you look cheap and insecure. Men also hate waiting. When they see gobs of makeup, they see an hour and a half wait time. Try leaving the house with a little mascara and a swipe of lip gloss and you’ll turn more heads on better quality men than you will looking like a drag queen. If you can get ready for a date in 15 minutes or less, your guy will be really impressed—and you’ll have time for more important things like texting your girlfriends.

EXCESSIVELY TANNED: We all like to look healthy and having a tan makes you look and feel better about yourself, but when you go over the top and start looking like a carrot, the only male who’s going to be interested in you is Bugs Bunny. Tone down the tanning, use a little body shimmer instead, and let the real you shine through.


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