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It Takes Two…  

I read a great post recently on Maneatersblog called You Didn’t See It Coming? Really?  And I had to put in my two cents. I often overhear (in elevators, at restaurants) and read (on Facebook and Twitter) some downright NASTY comments being made by scorned women. Now, I’m sure there are just as many cuckolded men out there—women cheat too—and women leave too—but men aren’t in the habit of airing their dirty laundry publicly. They just cut their losses and move on, like they would with any other business deal gone awry. And you women who say a relationship isn’t a business relationship… bullshit! But that’s another story all together.

One of the comments I read recently went something like this:

“At first I was angry. It’s time to hit him in the pocket book! What fun I’m going to have,” and then continued with “I’m gonna get my divorce one way or another…he will regret this.”

Another, in relation to seeking justice, commented, “I finally got mine. Feels GOOD.”

I pity the men who were clearly half-asleep when they courted these women. How could you NOT see this bitterness in advance. Surely it was there. It must have manifested itself in some form or another prior to the proposal. Or, were you just too thrilled to be getting regular pussy and (presumably) home-cooked meals to notice? 

Don’t be pissed, ladies (I use that term loosely, as true ladies would not say, think or do such things). I’m posting these comments, because hey… That’s what you get when you air your dirty laundry on a public forum. Just ask Anthony Weiner—he aired his dirty Fruit of the Looms!

To both men and women, my point is simply this: You were cheated on because you weren’t keeping up with your end of the bargain. You cannot just breeze through a relationship, take and not give, and expect everything to go swimmingly forever. Eventually, the other person is gonna get pissed and it going to look elsewhere for the love, support, and understanding they thought they were getting from you.

Maneatersblog has great advice: Communicate, Participate (do shit together!), and Listen. In other words—or, in the words of MC Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock,It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight.”


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