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Hamster In A Wheel

Another year is drawing to a close and I can’t help but be pleased with myself when I look back on 2011. A lot has happened personally and professionally. I knocked two things off my bucket list: going to the Australian Open and going to Wimbledon. I also published my first novel, acquired nearly 4000 Facebook friends, made a few awesome new girlfriends, and dated some pretty decent men. Real contenders. That’s why you didn’t hear me bitching too much about my terrible dating life. I don’t write about the good ones. I just blog about the fuckers who deserve it!

I also took a two-week mandatory vacation to Kauai (doctor’s orders—I love my doctor!). It was the first two-week vacation I’ve had in over 20 years. Now I understand why people take vacations. To unwind, but also to stop running for a moment, take in your environment and see if you like where you’re headed. Or, to see if you're just running in one spot. 

While 2011 almost put me in the hospital from an unrelenting stress-related illness, overall it was a positive year. I’m recovering physically, and part of my recovery process is realizing that I was doing wasn’t working for me. Between all the tweeting, Facebook-friending, blogging, dating and making a living, I was burning the candle at both ends, regularly starting my days at 7am and winding down around 2:30am. I’ve been a hamster in a wheel, getting nowhere fast. No wonder my nerves are shot.

They say the past informs the present and future.  It certainly does for me. I already know my course of action for 2012 and have a few resolutions built into that plan. I intend to write another novel, write a TV series pitch, secure a book agent, and see my current relationship through to the ring. The resolutions I need to make in order to accomplish this plan are to spend more time working and less time marketing my work.

As I busy myself with my new life, you will likely hear less from me on Twitter and see less of me on Facebook. I will be dialing my blog down to once a week (Saturdays), with the occasional exception when I’m inspired enough to get something off my flat chest and onto the Internet. While I love doing all that I was doing, I simply cannot afford it. I make no money from my blog. The editing, publishing and marketing of my book cost me the equivalent of a new BMW Z4, and it also cost me my health. On top of that, I haven’t had time to churn out more material that could potentially bring in income.

While I get back writing on my well-worn, slightly dented MacBook Pro, I urge you to take the time you no longer have to spend engaging me online and reading my blog, and invest it in reading my first novel, BLOW ME, which I worked laboriously on for so long. Everyone who reads it loves it. The reviews speak for themselves. And, heck, I could use just a little bit of a revenue source and some motivation from my friends and fans so I can crank out my next novel. 

I’ll give you one hint about the plot of my next book: the lead character goes to Kauai. 

If you enjoy my blog, you can now get my novel “Blow Me” on Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble.com or on my author website.

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Reader Comments (1)

Congrats on the new priorities in life, including the relationship! I will always read what you write.

January 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commentererkcyclisme

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