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The Top 7 Bedroom Moves That Will Rock Her World

Author Matt Titus recently wrote an article called The Top 5 Bedroom Moves That Will Rock His World for BettyConfidential.  Being a rather sexual woman, I tend to agree with Matt’s suggestions – they are all moves that I’ve employed and they have proven highly effective. But, maybe that’s because I employed them all on the same night. While Matt’s advice is for how women can rock a man’s world (don’t we do that by just agreeing to have sex with him?), I thought it might be useful for my male readers to hear how they can rock a woman's world in the bedroom. So, I asked a few friends and a loyal readers, and of course drew from my own experience, and here’s what I have come up with.

1.  TAME THE LIZARD:  There should be no frantic tongue darting like a lizard on crack. You are not searching for that stuck popcorn husk between her second and third molar, you are trying to seduce her and make her hot. Suction also plays no part in kissing. Women hate hickeys – we hate disfigurement of any kind. Kisses should be soft and sensual. A good, long sexy kiss will never go unappreciated.

2.  TAKE THE SLOW TRAIN DOWNTOWN:  Women are all about foreplay. We want our nipples and toes sucked, and the nape of our neck and the back of our knees kissed. We have so many erogenous zones on our bodies. Don’t just go for the obvious one. Take some pleasure in pleasuring. We like a slow build… little waves of ecstasy leading to that big tsunami every man is hoping for. You cannot race to the finish line with this one guys. The reward is worth the investment, even if your jaw hurts and your tongue feels like it might fall off.

3.  I WANT YOUR HANDS ON ME:  Sinead O’Connor said it best, “Put'em on, put'em on, put'em on me”. Start with a slow, deep massage.  Women love to be touched. She doesn’t not want to give you a lesson on how to please her, so pay close attention to how she reacts when you touch her. That is the lesson. Watch how her body responds when you kiss her, tickle her, or move your hands up and down her body. She will withdraw if she doesn’t like something, she will reposition herself if you are using an ineffective angle. She will give you clues about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong more than she will ever say it.

4.  AVOID WHIPLASH:  Don’t bang her senselessly for an hour just to prove you’ve got game. She would much rather have repeat action that an hour marathon. Tantric sex is not where it’s at. She wants sex. A break. Sex. A break. She knows you are a man. You don’t have to prove it to her. 

5.  SET THE MOOD:  This does not mean popping in a nasty porno where a girl is getting gangbanged. While some women may appreciate that, most women would rather see something more erotic like an Andrew Blake film, or simply leave the imagery to their imagination. Light some candles, put on some sexy music, make sure your bed has clean sheets and plenty of pillows. Maybe even splurge on some lingerie or toys - never recycle. Out with the old girlfriend; out with the old toys. If you’re giving her a toy, wrap it up like a gift for her with some sexy panties, or a garter and stockings. Women love gifts. They make us feel special. Don’t just pull something out of a drawer and dust it off. That’s unhygienic not to mention completely disrespectful and gross.

6.  UNLEASH THE TIGER WITHIN:  A little aggressiveness like gentle hair pulling when in doggy style will go along way to heightening her pleasure. A firm smack on the ass can also arouse, as long as it doesn’t leave bruising. Most women are willing to go that extra mile in the experimental department, but we don’t want to admit it. We'd rather be gently guided in that direction than come across like slutty whores. 

7.  TALK IT UP:  Women enjoy a little dirty talk, but we don’t like a play by play in the moment commentary like we’re watching a football game. We do not want to here “What am I doing?” We know what you’re doing. You’re sticking your d*ck in us. It’s not a pop quiz or a lecture, so don’t ask us or tell us. You need to get a little creative on the script. It should be natural and organic to the moment.

Okay, so you may have noticed, the top 5 for men became the top 7 for women. Why? Well, women just need a little more of everything!

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Reader Comments (5)

Great blog! Thank you for the womens perspective. Im not admitting anything about myself but men in general don't get it. You need to post this somewhere it will be seen by even more men than in your fan club. You never know, you could benefit from it ;-) Plus, will also be doing your women kind a service...

OMG that is so true. Amazing photo too. Thanks you for the advice that men crave.

I have to admit that I probably fail on 2 by missing out the backs of knees and rushing to dine at the Y but I admit that I love to stay for the degustation menu which has to make up for the knee by pass!

I also probably fail on 7. the dirty talk, due to my reserved British roots and the sound of me saying it just doesn't sound as cool as the deep voice of Shaft.

1 not too bad but only a parnter can really tell you.

3 not guilty - I'm a fan of exploring and reading the rythmes with the hands.

4 completely agree, the intervals can be as important as the action as you finally get to connect and talk to each other without the distractions of everything else in your life, with the anticipation of round 2 or 3 to keep you awake!

5. Andrew Blake. You should be in one.

Finally 6 - well the tiger needs to stalk, to go too extreme too early risks scaring off the prey! Guide, try and reveal and always leave plenty left undiscovered for the next time. I know I did last time and I know that means there is plenty of reasons to see that lover again. Let it be soon please!!!!

April 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJames Blunt

Glad you both enjoyed this blog. Actually, really nice that two men commented. I was a little surprised by that. Thanks for following the blog... I will try to do some tips for women as well... don't want things to be imbalanced :)

April 7, 2011 | Registered CommenterLennie Ross

This is a great post, Lennie! I especially like #2. I believe a lot of men need to understand this - "We like a slow build… little waves of ecstasy leading to that big tsunami every man is hoping for." In fact, they need to understand that sex refers not only to intercourse, but everything before and after that.

I love that moment when a woman reaches her peak and her body shakes as if she is caught in a wave/free-falling - that's when I can hold her as tight as I can so she can fall as much as she needs to. That's one of the moments I feel masculine.

Another thing they would need to understand is that great sex involves psychological and emotional factors more than just physical factors. Going slow, setting the mood, talking it up - all good advice on taking sex onto the psychological and emotional level. Thank you.

#3 is a great piece of advice too - the best way for men to get better at sex is to learn from women by observing how they react. It's a fun process, because every woman is different, too. It's also good to take note of how she touches you, because I bet that's exactly how she wants you to touch her. Simple, yet effective.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Lennie!


April 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMasafumi Matsumoto

Hey Masa,
So glad you like the piece and agree with my suggestions. Sounds like you are a very intuitive male which is a wonderful thing... Thanks for the supportive comment! Fun video blog coming out Wednesday. Hope you enjoy it!

April 12, 2011 | Registered CommenterLennie Ross

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