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Love On The Rocks

© Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

Ain’t no big surprise. Pour me a drink, and I’ll tell you some lies. Oh, Neil Diamond, you had me with Shalom.

It seems every week another politician gets caught in a sex scandal and screws up his marriage. It started in 2008 with Elliot Spitzer hiring Emperors Club VIP escort Kristen (Ashley Dupré). In the past 60 days, we found out Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 10-year old illegitimate child with the housekeeper, John Edwards was indicted for allegedly using campaign funds to cover up the affair and pregnancy he had with his mistress Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer, and US Representative Anthony Weiner was caught with this pants down (but not his underpants) sending sexual photos and sexts to a woman in Seattle through his Twitter account and is now seeking sex rehabilitation to save face and try to save his career.

With so much sex scandal going on under the public eye, one can only imagine how much transpires in the private sector. Politicians are not alone in the scandals. Celebrities swap spouses as often as they trade in their luxury vehicles. Elizabeth Taylor had seven marriages, Zsa Zsa Gabor had nine, and J-Lo had three—and still has time to catch up to the divorcée divas of yesteryear. It seems marriage is not so sacred these days with roughly 40% of all marriages in the US ending in divorce

With infidelity and divorce so prevalent, it’s important for women to protect themselves financially, which brings me to Kim Kardashian. While I can’t necessarily agree with her tactic of promoting her career with a sex tape, I applaud her for landing a $2 million engagement ring from her NBA fiancé Chris Humphries—especially since professional athletes are notorious for screwing around with their groupies. (Tiger Woods ring any bells?) Those L’Oreal commercials carried an important message: “Because I’m Worth It”. Maybe L’Oreal should be selling engagement rings. Smart women want jewelry. Why? Financial security. I don’t know if Kimmy is worth a $2 Mil rock, but in the event her marriage hits the skids, she’ll be able to turn that rock into some sizeable green (not that she needs it). Here are a few little trinkets she could buy if she cashed it in:

1. A stunning Spanish style 4-br, 3.5 bath 3,000 square foot Hollywood villa for $1,999,999

2. A brand new Bugati Veyron valued at $1.3M and have enough left over to buy anywhere from 2 to 120 Hermes Birkin Handbags (starting price $5300 ranging up to $280,000 for a diamond encrusted Crocodile edition)

3. 50 Nights at the Playboy Sky Villa at the Palms ($40,000/night)

4. 1673 pairs of Christian Louboutin Glittered Latticework Platforms ($1195ea)

5. Starbucks for life—400,000 lattes at $5 each. That’s 3 lattes a day for 73 years. She should lives so long!

Any way you slice it, she’s got herself covered with that ring. But then, what else do you get a woman whose net worth is $35 million?

First, they say they want you. 

How they really need you.

Suddenly you find you’re out there, walking in a storm.

When they know they have you, then they really have you,

Nothing you can do or say, you’ve got to leave just get away

We all know the song…

Love on the Rocks, It ain’t no big surprise.

Just pour me a drink and I’ll tell you my lies.

Yesterday’s gone and now all I want is a smile….

And to cash in that 2 mil dollar ring!

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Reader Comments (6)

I dunno Lennie - materialism and relationships never gelled with me. I think it puts a woman in an incredibly vulnerable position to rely solely on a man financially. Kim doesn't need to do that and sure she could cash in her ring for money if it all went downhill. But sometimes shopping sprees, a trip to las vegas, and a mansion just isn't enough to replace a hug, or a look from a man you really care about (as ridiculously corny as that sounds). And, I still don't really get why she is famous. LOL.

But none the less I still love this post and think you touch on some issues that are hot and will always be hot in hollywood =)

Hot Alpha Female

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHot Alpha Female

I don't think she's talking about materialism as much as she's talking about infidelity and in most cases, except women like kim kardashian, the lack of financial security. I think Lennie s whole thing is knocking women like Kardasien. materialistic shallow entitled women with nothing to offer.

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnne

Hot Alpha,

Not saying a woman should rely on a man entirely financially, but she should not lose herself entirely in a relationship, devote herself entirely only to have the whole thing fall apart some day and be left with nothing. Kim clearly doesn't need the money, and would just spend it frivolously (my point) as this is a woman with little values, education, sophistication or class. The point is more how insane a 2 mil ring is, how infidelity runs rampant in our society, and how women cannot earn equal wages and have that complete independence that you speak of- particularly if they choose to be a wife and mother as compromises must be made, one of which would be her income source as it's generally less than the man's and she would need the time to be wife/mother. You have to be some accidentally celebrity or a ball-busting non feminine woman (like you talk about in recent video blog) to really succeed in business and then one gets criticized for not being feminine. It's a difficult confusing era for women.

But mostly, this post is just about celebrity nonsense, the ridiculousness of focusing on the sex lives of these people rather than real news. American news has become gossip and idol worshipping and if you look at religions, Idol worshipping has never worked well for society.

June 22, 2011 | Registered CommenterLennie Ross

I love jewelry, really love sparkly, shiny pretty things. Tennis bracelet that sort of thing. But I just think there is something terribly unseemly and obscene about a ring worth the size of a killer place in Hollywood, the one you described. But if you're talking about security for a normal woman, not a Kardashian, then I suppose jewelry retains value while cars traditionally do not.

I think, re our earlier discussion, both sides need to be financially smart, cautious and self-protective. I think I would honestly feel better if she had never disclosed the value of the ring and just enjoyed it privately. I mean fine to wear it but not to disclose the price tag. And while admittedly, my beloved tennis bracelet is synthetic and white gold (not zirconia, synthetics are 15% the cost of real ones through various companies around the country), and have no clue what a Harry Winston ring looks like in person, I simply cannot imagine that a 2 million dollar ring looks that different from a 50K or 100K one.

I am not some crunchy granola socialist by any means, but I do find some displays of wealth gauche and quite frankly do not understand a 5K or 20 K bag either.

I am also not sure that luxurious gifts compensate for SOME kinds of infidelity. I do not think an Up in the Air sort of infidelity is a federal offense, quite frankly. What Arnold did: GHASTLY. Wiener: too stupid for words. I suppose big rocks, great clothes and shoes take some of the sting out of infidelity, though I also have no problem with a bit of a "don't ask don't tell" if it applies to BOTH parties equally.

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commentervictoria ordin

That ring might be worth 3M by now... considering who's finger it's on. Its not a piece of history.

I think you're right, sadly. This girl is getting married for the wrong reasons and I don't think she is old enough or experienced enough to understand what love is and is supposed to be.

Sadly she is a star for nothing but being pretty and hanging out. Wow... do they have college classes for that?

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMichael

Yes, in Los Angeles, you can attain a masters degree in being famous for nothing. The course runs 2 semesters of evening classes, 3 night a week in hollywoods hottest night clubs—and one or two nights in the local jail either for possession of narcotics or drunken disorderly conduct. I think Lindsay Lohan has a course starting next week!

June 27, 2011 | Registered CommenterLennie Ross

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