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Weiner Roast

Ooh baby, baby... that's one hot tamale.Weinergate, Weinerschnitzel, Add a few marshmallows, and we’ve got a weiner roast! So, Arnold had a kid with the maid and kept it under cover for a decade and Weiner got caught with his pants down. What-ev! All I can say to that is what’s with the tighty-whiteys? Okay, they were gray, but really! You’d think an athletic, sexy man like Weiner would be going commando or wearing Under Armour boxers at the very least. Of course, boxers don’t outline your package quite as brilliantly, but they have much better breathability than Fruit of the Loom. Speaking of fruit, I don’t see much wrong with taking pictures of your private parts—whatever floats your banana…I mean, boat. What’s wrong is being so stupid to think that Twitter or any other web medium is private.

Recently on Real Time with Bill Maher, Janeane Garafalo and Jane Lynch were completely nonplussed by the whole subject and dismissed it as media hype. I’m with Bill Maher and his female guests on this one. Men’s obsession with sex is not a new concept. It’s not an illness. Weiner doesn’t need to go to sex rehab or lose his job. What he needs is to be more careful about the platforms on which he is explicit and the women with whom he decides to trust with his privacy. When a public figure texts or tweets a photo like that, the recipient has the power to completely destroy the sender’s career and personal life. 

What we have learned from Schwarzenegger, Edwards and Weiner is that our politicians are healthy, horny American males. Our society is judgmental, hypocritical and puritanical and the media is taking advantage of that to boost ratings. It’s just sex. It's what men do. Popping Viagra like it's candy from a Pez dispenser, surfing Internet porn and frequenting strip clubs is rather typical male behavior. At least, it is in Los Angeles.

What politicians do in their personal lives is none of our business, and if it weren’t for the COMPLETE and utter lack of privacy in our country—don’t get me started on how insane that is—we probably wouldn’t know that Weiner was showing off his weiner and we might not have heard about Arnold’s bastard son. It’s because of the media that Arnold had to hide his affair for 10 years. It was either that or lose his job and God knows we needed him to drive the State of California budget into the ground! If these public figures have not engaged in illegal activity (like Spitzer), does it really matter who they are f*cking or sexting or showing their dicks to? I think it’s ridiculous that Weiner had to resign. I think it’s more ridiculous that his name is Weiner. The sexual promiscuity of our politicians has nothing to do with their job performance. What matters is if they f*ck us with their politics. If they do their job well, who cares what they’re doing behind closed doors or in front of their computers. For God’s sake, let them have a private life!

For what it’s worth, Anthony Weiner is one sexy dude. I wouldn’t mind getting a photo of his dick on my iPhone—though I’d much prefer seeing it in the flesh!


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Reader Comments (4)

Too bad you weren't on the receiving end of a Weiner post. Definitely Weiner's loss.
You have the right POV about the basic male libido, which has been "enhanced" by the world wide web.
Obviously, Weiner is proud of his unit, feeling the need to share it anonymously. Yeah, technology can titillate and ruin a man's life with the simple click of a button.
Dunno if I agree with you re: Spitzer, whose libido just took the next step. It was consensual (paid for) sex between two adults and had no impact on his stellar job performance. The fact that prostitution is legal/illegal in select regions of the country underscores the banality of the law on this subject.

June 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentererkcyclisme

I don't think Edwards and Schwarzenegger just proved that they were health, horny guys. Neither of them used condoms. Both of them lied up hill and down dale to their wives. They destroyed their marriages and their families.

Most men manage to avoid creating children they don't want. There's nothing good about messing up on that big, huge issue.

People are horny, but amazingly, studies show that most men manage to stay faithful to their wives.

I don't think most people would defend this kind of behavior in a male friend or family member. Certainly we wouldn't date or marry them. So why defend it in a politician? You can vote for him anyhow if you want to, but why excuse the bad behavior.

July 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBlack Iris

Well, Black Iris, you are right about the condom issue, I will give you that. It is foolish for a man to have unprotected sex EVER if he doesn't want to have a child. Sadly in this world there is often entrapment on the part of the women... a way to snag some financial security which is highly amoral. As for staying faithful to their wives... how many men do you think are going to openly admit to a study that they are screwing around? The facts these days according to renown psychologisits (quote NY TIMES MAGAZINE article on women & sexting out last week) is that more marriages are experiencing infidelity over divorce... and the rather daft shrink couldn't figure out why. Here's why: divorce costs a lot of money and heartache, and it's easier to mess around and hope you don't get caught or get someone pregnant than it is to get a divorce. I don't condone affairs, but I don't condemn them either. I do however condemn divorce attorneys and feel the federal government should step in and put a ceiling on what it can cost in legal fees to get a divorce and insist that people go to a mediator prior to a divorce attorney. I know a couple in Canada, married 40 years with a good 5 mil in assets. Cost them $14,000 to get divorced. In California, that same divorce would run upwards of $800,000 in legal fees.

I am not defending the behavior of the politicians, rather I'm saying how STUPID they are that they didn't take better precautions both with their privacy (nondisclosure agreement anyone?) and their sperm (ie: use protection). And, I am saying its none of our God damned business what anyone does in their private life unless it is IMMEDIATELY affecting us. If you were Maria Schriver, I'd say you have a leg to stand on... but you aren't.

July 16, 2011 | Registered CommenterLennie Ross

Agree with Miss Ross. None of our biz. You sound like you've been screwed around on... but I tell you to look in the mirror. Relationships go in two directions and if you're just taking your man's financial security & status and you're not giving him love, sex and respect...what do you expect? Really. I'm so sick of women pointing a finger at the man and blaming him on the failed marriage when they haven't (pardon my french) done thier part as a wife (ie: sucked or f*cked him) in a decade. Get real ladies. Time to keep up your side of the bargain. And if you aren't going to, then we're going to get attention and sex elsewehre... and for the record, I agree with lennie that there are way more men being unfaithful in marriage than whatever the "statistics" say. while maybe 30% of admit to having affairs another 69 percent are lying in saying their not. Time to grow up. Sex is sex. If a man is a good father and a good husband and his wife isn't giving him any satisfaction, so what if he goes elsewhere for it. Time for you to grow up Black Iris... good choice in name cause your vision (iris) is very black (bitter/dark/morbid). I hope you post this lennie... I know it's harsh, but it needs to be said. Jay

July 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJason

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