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5 Ways To Make Your Home Chick-Friendly

We all know men and women have their differences. Example: women are into nesting and making a house a home; men are usually happy if they have a clean shirt to wear—wrinkled or not. Gentlemen, when you have an opportunity to invite a woman to your home, make sure it’s homey and inviting so she’ll feel like taking her shoes off—and perhaps a little more. Here are 5 ways to make your home more chick-friendly:

1. Keep it clean:  I don't mean hide the pornos. Though that's probably not a bad idea…until you get to know her. Wash the dishes, keep the bathroom spotless, and make your bed. Put fresh towels in the bathroom, wipe down the coffee table, and tidy up your desk and bookshelves. Before she arrives, use a room atomizer (fancy word for nice smelling spray) or light scented candles. This may sounds simple, but many guys don't realize how much a woman takes in about your living environment. She’s trying to figure out if she can ever live with you.

2. Extricate the X:  Do not have photos of your ex-girlfriend in picture frames. That will make her jealous and also make her question whether you are truly over her. Keep them tucked away in a box in the back of your closet. Get rid of the other toothbrush, the makeup, tampons and hair products she left in the bathroom drawer. And under no circumstances leave any pieces of a woman's clothing in your apartment unless you want your new relationship to be short lived. Then by all means wedge a pair of panties between the sofa cushions as that is sure to send her packing. 

3. Put Away Your Toys:  Toys are for the bedroom, not the living room. Hide the XBox360, the Wii, the trophies and the basketballs. She will see these prize possessions as a sign of immaturity.  Immaturity translates to inability to commit. This is particularly unattractive if you are a man in your forties or above. You will look like you are desperately clinging to your youth, and she will worry that you’ll live out that clinging to youth delusion with a more youthful woman.

4. Feed The Rabbit:  Everyone knows rabbits like two things: fucking and vegetables. If you want one, you should have the other in plentiful supply. Stock your fridge with wine, champagne, diet sodas and healthy snacks like carrots, celery, cheese and apples. She will be pleased if you can offer something other than beer or water as a beverage and potato chips as an appetizer. If you’re really thinking ahead, have some healthy breakfast items on hand incase she sleeps over. French toast is an easy, impressive breakfast you can whip up, and you only need a few ingredients on hand. Check out my video blog on How To Make French Toast.

5. Bedside Manners:  Always wise to have a box of tissues on the nightstand. This needs no further explanation.

In summary, when women walk into a man’s home, they take in everything. They are looking for clues to see what kind of guy you are. Don’t blow it by taking her into a pigsty. Show her you’re a guy who cares, who’s neat, and who’s romantic. If you don’t put any effort in to caring for your home, she will take it as a sign that you just don't think she's worth it.


The winners of my blog contest are: cindy Zimmer from Toronto, Diana Maul Halstead from Phoenix, and Jeanette Harrietha (not sure where she's from, but we'll find out!). Thank you for helping to spread the word about my novel. I hope you enjoy it and please continue to spread the word!!




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Reader Comments (1)

Hey, I like your blog! #2 is my favorite. So true!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterZabrinah's Love Blog

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