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Wandering Eyes

Should your boyfriend only eyes for you? Should he behave like a horse with blinders on? If you get upset when he looks at another woman, maybe it’s your problem and not his. You should be confident that your man wants to be with you, that he wants to have sex with you, and that he’s completely turned on by you. So what if he casts a glance at another woman? We are ALL visual creatures—both men and women. If we weren’t there’d be no need for advertising which preys on our visual senses as do the products marketed by advertising (just look at how sexy the new white iPad is).

If you’ve watched even one episode of The Client List, a show targeted at the female audience, then you’ll agree that women like to look at a sexy man as much as men like to look at a sexy woman. The entirely unrealistic character, Riley Parks, (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) has a massage clientele comprised entirely of sexy 30 year-old men with abs of steel and chiseled jaws who look like they walked off the cover of Muscle and Fitness. Reality check, please. If you’re thinking of taking up massage therapy as a vocation, understand that your clients are going to be fat, hairy, and for the most part relatively unattractive. Women watch shows like The Client List because they are intrigued by the fine line between acceptable behavior and sex for money and enjoy the fantasy of rubbing their hands all over a hot man’s body. They are not watching it for the Emmy-worthy performances.

The next time you catch your boyfriend looking at another woman, think about how he feels when you’re glued to the TV drooling over some hot young actor with his shirt off. How do you think that makes your guy feel? If he’s secure, I’m sure he’s okay with it. And you should be okay when you see your man’s head spin like the girl from The Exorcist when an attractive lady walks by. Men are always going to look at a woman who has her tits falling out of her dress or is wearing a skirt just below the water line. It doesn't mean he wants to fuck her or that no longer loves you. He could be thinking, “what a train wreck” or “thank God my girlfriend doesn’t dress like that.” You cannot put blinders and reigns on your man, and if you do, he’s likely to break free and run in the opposite direction. Let him have his eye candy and you can have yours. Don’t worry about a wandering eye. Worry about a wandering penis.


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