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Welcome to my blog on dating in Los Angeles.  I hope you find my real life stories and anecdotes on being smart, sexy and single in the City of Angels as amusing (and tragic) as I do.  If you enjoy reading my posts, please share this blog site with your friends, family, loved ones, and less loved ones.  

Please check out my Sex and the City style novel Blow Me—available now in e-book and paperback on my website and lulu.com. Also available in ebook on amazon.com and Google books.


3 Reasons Why Not To Dress Like a Ho

Ho, ho, ho! No, Christmas hasn’t come early this year. I’m referring to the women of Los Angeles. I wasn't sure whether I should write about how not to dress like a ho or why not to dress like a ho. One would think that the how is fairly simple: wear age-appropriate clothing that is appropriate in length, don't show too much cleavage, and don’t wear tight clothing. Fairly simple. And yet, I look around Los Angeles and see plenty of women who think that dressing like they’re on the cover of Maxim or Playboy is perfectly acceptable. Newsflash, ladies, its not!

Another way to put it is: go to the bar of Mastro's any evening between 10pm and closing time, note the black chicks with the airbrushed and bejeweled ultra long fingernails, Pamela Anderson hair, transvestite makeup, and dresses that look like they've been spray painted on, and do the opposite! Now that we covered how not to dress like a ho, here are 3 reasons why not to dress like a ho:

1. It Sends The Wrong Message: Unless, the message you’re trying to send is $500 for an hour in your hotel room, anal is extra. A quality man will immediately write you off as being nothing more than an easy lay if you dress trashy. And he won’t respect you in the morning. In fact, he will be long gone by the time you’re ready for your first Starbucks. Intelligent women know that being respected and on equal ground with your man is critical to a long-lasting relationship—or a relationship of any kind, for that matter. Take heed to Aretha’s great lyrics and make sure the message you send is one of respect. If you want him to respect you (which, by the way, you do) then show some respect for yourself!

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Pillow Talk

I lay in bed this morning, my cat nestled beside me snoring, and thought about how difficult it would be to share my bed with someone—other than a cat—on a permanent basis. I love sleeping. I love my pillows. I love my 300 thread count cotton sheets. I love my Duxiana bed. The idea of waking up next to someone every day for the rest of my life is very appealing on some levels, but the idea of having to share a queen-sized, or even a king-sized bed, with another person is less than appealing.

Prior to 1925 there was no such thing as a master bedroom. The term did not exist. Much as the infamous metal sign in the Hollywood Hills which originally read “Hollywoodland” started as a real estate promotional stunt to market an undesirable area of Los Angeles, the concept of a master bedroom was created as the United States entered the Great Depression. It was a time when land was at a premium and most married couples could not afford two bedrooms. One large bedroom occupied less square footage. It was an illusion of grandeur, and a fantastic marketing tool. By the 50's, master bedrooms were common place. Today’s critically acclaimed TV show Mad Men, set in the 50s, has Don and Betty Draper sharing one bed in a master bedroom. However, in the 1969 TV series The Brady Bunch, Mike and Carol Brady shared a master bedroom with two single beds, because it was a family show. Eventually the master bedroom became the norm, as did sharing one large bed.

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Sexy Shoe Diaries - Part 2

For those of you who are new to my blog, it's Shoe Friday. That's right. Every friday, I feature a pair of shoes from my closet. Why? Because I am the real life Carrie Bradshaw. And if you don't believe, me just look at my shoes and read my novel and you will be convinced.  

Check out these sexy mid-calf luggage brown Prada Boots. Delicious, perfect for fall, and currently available in stores. Knock yourselves out, ladies! They also come in black.

While you're here on my blog... scroll down a ways and check out what I have to say. You might discover some great dating advice, or even get a laugh or two. And if you do, please consider buying my SATC (the stands for "Sex and the City") style novel. It's called Blow Me, and all you have to is click on the red link to the right of this entry to get your very own copy! 


7 Clues He’s Too Immature For You

We’ve all been there, in a relationship with a guy who’d rather play Wii with your kid brother than make out with you. Your first instinct is to ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?” There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just that he’s too immature for you.

They say that men mature slower than women. We've all met the guy in this 30s who acts goofy, says stupid things, and behaves insensitively, and it's a complete turn off for a woman who is looking for a serious relationship. Women want a confident, reassuring man, which is often why women are attracted to older men. 

If you’re still in boyfriend/girlfriend status and are ready for something serious, it’s time to weed out the boys from the men. Don’t know the signs? For all you women in your 30’s who don’t want to squander precious time with a guy who’s not willing to commit, here are my top seven clues he's too immature:

1. He has a job; not a career: If he's finished college, over 30, and still works as a lifeguard in the summer and ski patrol in the winter, is a bartender at TGI Fridays, or works a salesclerk at The Gap, he’s not taking his life seriously and neither should you. This is a sign of someone who is lazy and lacking ambition. If you’re in the market for a marriage-minded man, you need to listen to your mother and find a nice doctor, lawyer or hell… even an investment banker would be better than that!

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Wouldn't It Be Nice? (or... would it?)

I was thinking of a certain man... not a specific man... as much as a type of man I have come across repeatedly...over and over again... during my time in Los Angeles... the type of man who is at the top of his game... successful, in his 60s, and according to him "in his prime". He has everything he could desire... except for that one woman to share it with...the perfect woman...she is eloquent, beautiful, graceful, a size two, 110 lbs, with an amazing body and rock hard abs. She's in her 40s, natural, no synthetics, no fillers, and looks like she's in her early 30s. She is Sasha Grey in the sack, Martha Stewart in the kitchen, and your BFF in every other circumstance. She is for all intents and purposes Wonder Woman.  And, it made me think of this song by the Beach Boys:

Wouldn't It Be Nice...

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older

Then we wouldn't have to wait so long

And wouldn't it be nice to live together

In the kind of world where we belong

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Sexy Shoe Diaries - Part 1

I'm very excited as this is the first week for me to feature Shoe Friday on my blog and not just on Facebook and Twitter. This is the new venue everyone. Why shoes on a dating website? Well, shoes are a very important part of the wardrobe...especially my wardrobe, as I'm the real life Carrie Bradshaw. 

I have had these metallic gold Louboutin cork wedges for about six years and they have never let me down—that would be a solid 5 inch drop! Why are they still looking so amazing? Thanks to Arturo's Shoe Fix in Beverly Hills, I keep all my shoes looking brand new. They can even put new red soles on the bottom.  

I always say, "If The Shoe Fits..." buy it!