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Welcome to my blog on dating in Los Angeles.  I hope you find my real life stories and anecdotes on being smart, sexy and single in the City of Angels as amusing (and tragic) as I do.  If you enjoy reading my posts, please share this blog site with your friends, family, loved ones, and less loved ones.  

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My Ex Was Bipolar

I was reading a post recently on Dirty In Public called Do Women Expire? Finally, I’ve found a blog with more edge and cynicism than my own—and it’s from a male perspective. I’m so relieved. I didn’t want to be labeled as some cynical, single bitch hovering dangerously close to 40 who has to take out her life's misfortunes on men. That's not at all who I am. I am happy, sexual, confident, and have very few regrets. I am woman, hear me roar—but I am not and never will be a cougar.

The article Do Women Expire exemplifies the chauvinistic male opinion of women and age that runs rampant in today’s society. First, women wanted equality. We wanted to burn our bras and get into the work force. Now, some of us are not sure what we want as we realize Cosmo sold us a false bill of goods. We can not have it all—the kids, the house in the suburbs, the loving husband, the supermodel body and the amazing career, but somehow it’s still expected of us.

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7 Worst Dating Profile Lines For Men

Women who venture into online dating are inundated with winks and emails, often with nothing more than a comment like “I think you’re hot” or worse—a generic message that has obviously been blasted out to several women. A woman learns how to quickly scan a man’s profile for red flags so she can promptly delete (and block) those who aren’t contenders and move onto the next eligible bachelor.  Here are a few ACTUAL profile lines that I have come across that do not go over well:

1.  She must be pretty, in shape, smart, have a good heart, have a great sense of humor and love sex with the right man: What if she loves sex with the wrong man? It sounds like you’re saying “likes sex but is not a slut” and if that is what you’re saying, don’t say it!

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Silver Girl

My favorite color is silver. Second to that is gray. I have a gray house, with gray walls, gray clothes and a gray cat and I used to live in a gray city where I drank a lot of Eary Grey tea. Now I even have a few gray hairs.

I love painting my toes gray or silver; my favorite gray is Essie Chinchilly and my favorite silver is OPI Birthday Babe. One man I used to hang out with thought silver nails were tacky, so I always chose another color if I thought I might be exposing my toes in his presence just to save myself the grief of his criticism.  Personally, I think silver looks elegant. More important it goes with everything and I do not have time in my busy schedule to change my polish color to match my outfit.

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Lennie Gets A Spray Tan

Dating is challenging at the best of times. But, what about when you just don't feel or look your greatest and you have a big date?  Well, that's when it's time for a little liquid sunshine. That's right, a spray tan. According to Svetlana at Spray Di Sole here in Los Angeles, getting a spray tan before a date can boost self-esteem by making you look and feel great. It's can also make you look a good five pounds thinner. And, it's sugar based, so it's not bad for you. No harsh chemicals. No streaks. No looking orange. So why not? Join me as I boost my self esteem with a little Spray Di Sole tan. 


This One Takes The Cake

Ms. Ellen Degeneres and Guest

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton


William Arthur Philip Louis

Friday April 29, 2011

At Westminster Abbey

Reception to follow at Buckingham Palace

RSVPs & Regrets

The Queen of England

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Ellen Degeneres is evidently a 15th cousin of Kate Middleton. Okay, do we needed to make this wedding production any more Hollywood than it already is?

I have been wanting to write a piece on the royal wedding, but I just couldn’t get interested in the royal couple. Maybe because they've been dating almost ten years. What's new to write about?

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Top 5 Online Photo Don’ts For Men  

Photo courtesy of comedian Peter Karinen. His NBC web series, Single Dads was recently written up in the NY Times If a picture's worth a thousand words, you don’t want those first words to be “ew, gross!” or “what a loser!” There are many ways in which you can enhance your online profile photo, but there are infinitely more ways in which you can deter women from ever communicating with you. Here’s my list of the top 5 online photo don’ts:

1. Don’t have a shirtless photo: She knows you want to see her naked. The reverse is not necessarily true - especially at the beginning.  Where’s the mystery?  Keep your photos tasteful and do not allude to anything sexual.  If she had a topless photo of herself on her profile, you’d assume she was an escort. Is that what you’re trying to convey, that you’re a gigolo?

2. Don’t have a photo of you in front of a sportscar: It says, “I’m a loser with a small d*ck, but you will appreciate me for my material possessions.”

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