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Welcome to my blog on dating in Los Angeles.  I hope you find my real life stories and anecdotes on being smart, sexy and single in the City of Angels as amusing (and tragic) as I do.  If you enjoy reading my posts, please share this blog site with your friends, family, loved ones, and less loved ones.  

Please check out my Sex and the City style novel Blow Me—available now in e-book and paperback on my website and lulu.com. Also available in ebook on amazon.com and Google books.


7 Great Christmas Gifts For Men

It’s that time of year again. The time women everywhere bite their nails wondering what to get their guy for Christmas. It starts when we’re young. We have no idea what to buy our fathers for Christmas. They always say, “I don’t need anything,” which I have learned over time is just their way of trying to take the pressure off.

Truth be told, fathers do like getting gifts, but they are so difficult to buy for, so they’re often stuck with practical gifts like tube socks, underwear, ties, cologne and soap on the rope. I remember when I was about seven years old I made my brother a pair of sunglasses from red and green cellophane and black construction paper.  I’m sure he really appreciated those!

Every man is different, so there’s no such thing as the perfect gift. The most important thing is that you put a little thought into it.  If you really want to show the man you’re dating that you care, and even your father for that matter, here are a few awesome gift ideas that the men in your life are sure to enjoy:

KINDLE FIRE: Whether it’s the sports section, biographies or Stephen King’s latest masterpiece, most men like to read. The new Kindle Fire with full color 7” Multi-Touch display and Wifi is only $199 and was released just in time for the holidays. If that doesn’t fit your budget, or is simply too much flash, try a Kindle touch for only $99. 

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It Takes Two…  

I read a great post recently on Maneatersblog called You Didn’t See It Coming? Really?  And I had to put in my two cents. I often overhear (in elevators, at restaurants) and read (on Facebook and Twitter) some downright NASTY comments being made by scorned women. Now, I’m sure there are just as many cuckolded men out there—women cheat too—and women leave too—but men aren’t in the habit of airing their dirty laundry publicly. They just cut their losses and move on, like they would with any other business deal gone awry. And you women who say a relationship isn’t a business relationship… bullshit! But that’s another story all together.

One of the comments I read recently went something like this:

“At first I was angry. It’s time to hit him in the pocket book! What fun I’m going to have,” and then continued with “I’m gonna get my divorce one way or another…he will regret this.”

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Sexy Shoe Diaries - Part 10

I never understood the idea of booties, until I bought my first pair. These are them. I think I picked them up at Loehmann's a few years back. They're gorgeous soft burgundy leather Miu Miu's with criss-cross leather detail on the front. The perfect height, they can be worn with jeans, a great pair of leggings, or pretty much anything. I have resoled these and buffed and polished them many times. Thanks to Arturo's of Beverly Hills for keeping my shoes looking great.

The shoes say it all: I'm "The Real Carrie Bradshaw" and if you like my shoes, you'll love my novel, "Blow Me", about three girls living in Los Angeles, check it out on Amazon and on my author website.


5 Ways To Effectively Alienate A Man

You know the movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days? Well, I see that and raise it by 7 days. I can show you how to lose a guy in 3 days or less. Want to alienate your man? Follow these five easy steps and you’re guaranteed to push him away and right into another girl’s arms.

WANT STUFF: I can’t stress enough what a turn off this is to a man. The more you want, the more he sees dollar signs and feels like he will never be able to satisfy your needs. Start every sentence with the words “I want” and talk about all the materialistic things you like. Constantly designer name drop and incorporate these words into your “I want” mantra: Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel. Ask him if he likes shopping. Tell him you want diamond stud earrings—at least 3 carats per ear. Tell him you want an Aston Martin or an Audi R8. And don’t forget to ask him what kind of car he drives, where he lives and how much money he makes.

TALK BABIES: Whatever you do, don’t talk like a baby. Don’t say “I wuv you,” because that turns guys on. They like women who act like little girlie girls. Instead, talk about wanting babies, about fertility issues, freezing embryos, aging and menopause. Oh, and don’t forget to talk about the irregularity of your period and how many times you’ve had to pee on a stick hoping you’re not pregnant, because your period was late. Nothing turns a man off more than talking about your womanly issues.

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Hawaiian Punch

Forget the punch. How about a nice Hawaiian? On my recent vacation on Kauai, I tested my endurance kayaking upstream (with a paddle), hiking 8 miles round-trip to a secluded waterfall, running 6 miles in the sand with the waves crashing at my toes. I also learned a thing or two. I learned how to surf, and I learned that the ratio of men to women on the island is 10 to 1. That's right. It's a veritable sausage fest. Yet, the local women I have met are as frustrated as those on the mainland with the dating scene. They say the men there are boys...great to look at with their surfer bodies, but lacking in intellect and more concerned about how the waves are breaking than how to please a woman or make ends meet financially.

One waiter I talked to at Roy Yamaguchi's The Tavern was quite the opposite. At 27, he holds down two jobs so that his fiancée of 5 year can pursue her artistic endeavors, acrylics of seascapes, which she refused to sell through a prominent Beverly Hills gallery for $15,000 ($13,500 more than her artwork usually commands), because she didn't like the other artists they represent. He covers the $1875/mo rent plus the $500 electric bill (Kauai has a monopoly on electricity so think solar if you plan on buying a second home on the islands).

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Sexy Shoe Diaries - Part 9

If you don't have a great dating wardrobe, invest in some sexy shoes. Men love shoes and the red Christian Louboutin sole is recognizable even by them. It says "I like shopping" and "I'm not cheap", two important messages to convey to a prospective boyfriend.

Perfect for Los Angeles winters, this mesh and black suede Louboutin ankle boot was a top seller a few years ago. The real Carrie Bradshaw rocks these sexy shoes with tight black leggings, jeans or a mini skirt. Men love these. I bought mine (new) on Ebay... and if the book sales don't pick up, you might find me selling them there soon! 

If you like my shoes, you'll love my book. Blow Me is the story of three single girls living in Los Angeles and is the perfect holiday read. You can download it on Amazon Kindle or find other places to buy it by checking out my website.

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