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Welcome to my blog on dating in Los Angeles.  I hope you find my real life stories and anecdotes on being smart, sexy and single in the City of Angels as amusing (and tragic) as I do.  If you enjoy reading my posts, please share this blog site with your friends, family, loved ones, and less loved ones.  

Please check out my Sex and the City style novel Blow Me—available now in e-book and paperback on my website and lulu.com. Also available in ebook on amazon.com and Google books.


No Dogs Allowed

I bet you think you talking about you...don't you... don't you... you're so vain... WRONG! I'm not talking about you men, for once, when I use the word dogs. Get over yourself!

Those of you who read my novel, BLOW ME, know all about Dog Boy. Those of you who haven't read my novel... shame on you. You're reading my blog every week for free and you can't scrape up $9.95 for a digital copy on Amazon? Seriously?

Anyway, back to Dog Boy, so as not to bore you folks who cannot be bothered to read the book. This character was based on a real person. He was not someone I dated, but someone a friend of mine dated. This man was so in love with his dogs there was no room left for a woman, especially in his bed. Picture this. Three large dogs, a man, a woman and a remote control all squished into a queen sized bed. Talk about a dog pile! 

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I’ve Got The Music In Me  

I dated this guy a while back. We had nothing in common. He was a Republican from Texas, in the oil business, and painfully boring—and, he was in AA. I cannot go a meal without drinking a glass of wine. Unless of course it’s a crappy meal—or a crappy wine. How boring was he? I’d rather have known him when he drank.

By the end of the date, he went for a little tongue down throat action and invited me back to his hotel. There would be no second date! Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 

About a week later, he sent me the modern day equivalent of a mix tape—a brand new iPod classic loaded with 40,000 songs. It had every single song from Santana, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springstein, The Beattles, Bob Dylan and a myriad of other artists I had never heard of before. Nice idea for a gift, even if for the most part, it wasn't my type of music.

What I didn’t realize was just how much space 40,000 songs would take up on my computer. I used one of those software programs—the kind that’s supposed to unlock songs and download them onto my iTunes program. I had done this once before (when some guy gave me an iPod Nano as a gift) and it worked brilliantly. This time, I was screwed. I now have 40,000 songs, most of which I don’t want, on my computer, and 98% of them are locked. So, I either go through every song one by one to see if it’s locked or not, or just delete everything from 1/12/11 and hope that in doing so I do not delete some of my own music.

Thanks a million, dude. I guess it’s my fault. I should have never accepted a gift from someone I had no intention of seeing again. At least I didn’t get a virus.


If you enjoy my blog, please order my Sex and the City style novel, Blow Me, available on my website and on Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comand Google Books


Sexy Shoe Diaries - Part 8

Most of us associate red shoes with The Wizard of Oz, as well as the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. But, did you know that in Japanese Buddhism red clothing symbolizes fertility and childbirth. During the Elizabethan period, red clothing symbolized power and importance. Interesting subtextual signals to send on a first date! 

One of my favorite casual shoes for when I want a little color and a lot of comfort, these casual red leather Pucci clog style slides are the perfect solution. I love to wear them with dark jeans and a red blouse.

On your next  a date, consider slipping into a pair of red shoes. In addition to sending a powerful messages, men find red shoes very sexy!


Wine And The Single Girl - Thankful For Champagne

The choices in wine pairing for Thanksgiving are as abundant as the feast itself. For the whites, you want something with apricot or citrus notes, minerality, and well-balanced acidity, like a Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling. The reds require something with fairly tame tannins that will support, but not overwhelm, the foods, like Pinot or Zinfandel. Another great red choice is Beaujolais Nouveau. This light, fruit, seasonal Gamay based wine goes great with turkey and is released on the third Thursday of November—just in time to highlight your Thanksgiving feast!

“Can’t it be easier than all this?” asks the Single Girl who appreciates wine, but is overwhelmed enough with preparing an elaborate meal that will likely put her and her guest in a food coma? Is it possible to find one wine that can carry you through the rich variety of holiday foods—from appetizers and salads to white meat, dark meat, yams, sweet potatoes, herb-stuffed filling, cranberry sauce, gravy, and finally pecan and pumpkin pie? Yes, it is possible! You can go to great lengths planning a wine pairing as elaborate as the meal itself, trying to compliment the nutmeg and cinnamon spices of desserts, and the savory, earthy tones of gravy and the meat, or you can take the easy, yet classy, way out and simply serve Champagne.

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How To Be The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The food is amazing—who doesn’t like turkey and pumpkin pie? And, it’s a holiday where both family and friends unite. As a single person, you’re likely to be invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving. To secure your invitation to future special occasions, it’s important that you're a well-mannered guest. It's easy. Just follow these simple guidelines to being the perfect dinner guest:

1. ARRIVE ON TIME: Even though most people allow a half hour to an hour from arrival time to serving dinner, it is polite to arrive on time. This will give you a chance to mingle with other guests, and  keep the stress level of your busy host/hostess at bay. It is not likely that the host/hostess will hold dinner more than 15 minutes for any latecomers.

2. ASK IF YOU MAY BRING A DATE: Do not assume you can bring someone. There is usually a specific seating plan for a dinner party, and often the hostess has prepared a specific amount of food for the number of guests she expects. Even if you know that the dinner will be casual and buffet style and there will not be a set seating plan, unless your hostess specifically invited you and a guest, you must ask if you wish to bring someone else.

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Sexy Shoe Diaries - Part 7

I bought these sexy blue satin peeky-toe John Richmond pumps on Rue Faubourg St. Honore in Paris at the John Richmond store. While I mention the famous shopping street several times in my novel, Blow Me, I neglected to mention this fabulous designer.

Great with jeans or dresses, I love these little shoes. The perfect blend between dressy and casual, they have rubber heels and frayed edges combined with satin and a little rhinestone JR on the side. 

John Richmond is  from Manchester, England. I was hoping to go to his store in London last spring, but alas when I arrived there I learned that it had been closed. Maybe one day I'll return to Paris or visit his store in Milan. He has the coolest clothes too.

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