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Welcome to my blog on dating in Los Angeles.  I hope you find my real life stories and anecdotes on being smart, sexy and single in the City of Angels as amusing (and tragic) as I do.  If you enjoy reading my posts, please share this blog site with your friends, family, loved ones, and less loved ones.  

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Weiner Roast

Ooh baby, baby... that's one hot tamale.Weinergate, Weinerschnitzel, Add a few marshmallows, and we’ve got a weiner roast! So, Arnold had a kid with the maid and kept it under cover for a decade and Weiner got caught with his pants down. What-ev! All I can say to that is what’s with the tighty-whiteys? Okay, they were gray, but really! You’d think an athletic, sexy man like Weiner would be going commando or wearing Under Armour boxers at the very least. Of course, boxers don’t outline your package quite as brilliantly, but they have much better breathability than Fruit of the Loom. Speaking of fruit, I don’t see much wrong with taking pictures of your private parts—whatever floats your banana…I mean, boat. What’s wrong is being so stupid to think that Twitter or any other web medium is private.

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Love On The Rocks

© Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

Ain’t no big surprise. Pour me a drink, and I’ll tell you some lies. Oh, Neil Diamond, you had me with Shalom.

It seems every week another politician gets caught in a sex scandal and screws up his marriage. It started in 2008 with Elliot Spitzer hiring Emperors Club VIP escort Kristen (Ashley Dupré). In the past 60 days, we found out Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 10-year old illegitimate child with the housekeeper, John Edwards was indicted for allegedly using campaign funds to cover up the affair and pregnancy he had with his mistress Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer, and US Representative Anthony Weiner was caught with this pants down (but not his underpants) sending sexual photos and sexts to a woman in Seattle through his Twitter account and is now seeking sex rehabilitation to save face and try to save his career.

With so much sex scandal going on under the public eye, one can only imagine how much transpires in the private sector. Politicians are not alone in the scandals. Celebrities swap spouses as often as they trade in their luxury vehicles.

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