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Welcome to my blog on dating in Los Angeles.  I hope you find my real life stories and anecdotes on being smart, sexy and single in the City of Angels as amusing (and tragic) as I do.  If you enjoy reading my posts, please share this blog site with your friends, family, loved ones, and less loved ones.  

Please check out my Sex and the City style novel Blow Me—available now in e-book and paperback on my website and lulu.com. Also available in ebook on amazon.com and Google books.

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The Table Touch Up

I have this little pet peeve. Those who know me well know that I have more than one, but let’s focus on just one for now. I can’t stand it when women touch up their face at the table. Forget rude, it’s déclassé, which in laymen’s terms means tacky. 

According to the United States Dining Etiquette Guide, applying lipstick at the table is as serious a no-no as using a toothpick at the table. If you’re on a date, a “table touch up” makes you look vain and high maintenance. The man sitting across from you has been looking at your shiny nose and bare lips throughout the entire meal. Why the sudden need to hide that from him? Makeup is about mystery. The mystery is gone if you apply it in public. Much easier to simply excuse yourself—allowing him an opportunity to show his manners by standing as you stand, and even assisting you with your chair—and make your way to the ladies’ room to primp and preen, and tinkle and text. Yes, texting at the table is also inappropriate.

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How To Be The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The food is amazing—who doesn’t like turkey and pumpkin pie? And, it’s a holiday where both family and friends unite. As a single person, you’re likely to be invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving. To secure your invitation to future special occasions, it’s important that you're a well-mannered guest. It's easy. Just follow these simple guidelines to being the perfect dinner guest:

1. ARRIVE ON TIME: Even though most people allow a half hour to an hour from arrival time to serving dinner, it is polite to arrive on time. This will give you a chance to mingle with other guests, and  keep the stress level of your busy host/hostess at bay. It is not likely that the host/hostess will hold dinner more than 15 minutes for any latecomers.

2. ASK IF YOU MAY BRING A DATE: Do not assume you can bring someone. There is usually a specific seating plan for a dinner party, and often the hostess has prepared a specific amount of food for the number of guests she expects. Even if you know that the dinner will be casual and buffet style and there will not be a set seating plan, unless your hostess specifically invited you and a guest, you must ask if you wish to bring someone else.

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Posting Your Relationship Status On Facebook Is Stupid

We've all seen it. One week your friends are "in a relationship" the next week "its complicated" and after that its just plain awkard for anyone to read their walls, cause they're both spewing venomous remarks at each other. If I haven't convinced you yet that it's a bad idea, then watch my video: 

After you watch my video, tell me your thoughts. Do you agree? What would you add as relationship status options on Facebook?

If you like my blogs, you're going to love my novel, "Blow Me". It's available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Googlebooks, and my website. Download a copy or buy the paperback and let me know what you think!



i•thumb noun \ī-ˈthəm\

Definition of iThumb:

1:  Inflammation caused by overuse of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and Droids causing soreness of thumbs and numbness in hands, often radiating to wrists, elbows, and shoulders which if left untreated may lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and in extreme cases require surgery.

I recently wrote a guest post on Singletease called He Texts Me, He Texts Me Not on how texting is harmful to your dating life. Turns out, it’s also harmful to your health. You might have noticed lately that I’ve been doing more and more video blogging. This is partly to explore a new medium, but mainly to give my hands a rest from typing. It seems that all my texting, typing, Tweeting and Facebooking has caused me to have iThumb. Thank you, Steve Jobs. While I love your technology, I could do without the ergonomic design flaws of the iPad and iPhone. Maybe it's operator error. Ever notice how the iPhone and iPad advertisements never show anyone using their thumbs? This is likely at the advice of in-house legal liability counsel. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Apple gadgets and I love Steve Jobs. He’s an über-genius. I find that immensely sexy, which brings me back to the point of this blog.

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5 Common First Date Mistakes

First dates are full of expectation and angst.  Each party comes to the table with a wish list and a deal breaker list, and throughout the course of the date, both the man and the woman are going through their checklist as they size each other up. It’s good to be aware of some common first date mistakes so you don’t wind up on someone’s deal breaker list. In this video I discuss the following 5 common mistakes:

1. Talking Excessively About Yourself

2. Talking About Your Ex

3. Being Negative or Sarcastic

4. Lacking Basic Manners & Social Skills

5. Immediately Asking For A Second Date

I hope you enjoy my video and wish you the best in dating! 


This One's On Me

I read an article recently called There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch written by Simone Grant for Simply Solo which got me thinking about what men and women think about who pays for the date. I know what I think: the man pays. Why? Because while women are looking for men they can rely on, men are just looking to get laid. Controversial? You betcha! The truth often is. 

Whether emotional, financial, or a combination of both, women want the security of relationship. They want a man who is hard-working, goal oriented and reliable. Courtship, pursuit and romance are sexy and gentlemanly and instill confidence in a woman. When a man is courting a woman, he should demonstrate his ability to care for her. If he cannot or will not pay for dinner, he is not good relationship material.

Sure, there is an expectation of sex when a man goes on a date with a woman. But, there’s an expectation whether he pays for the meal or not. Men want sex.

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